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This section provides statistics on the number of persons arriving to the Republic of Uzbekistan and persons who have left the Republic of Uzbekistan (inbound and outbound tourism) by purpose of trip and sex.

Tourism - departure (travel) of a natural person from permanent residence for a period of not more than one year for the health, educational, professional and business or other purposes without taking paid activity in the place (country) of his/her stay.

Visitors - the travelers in any main destination outside their usual environment for less than a year with any main purpose (business trip, vacation or other personal purpose), except for the employment in the company registered in the country or place of visit, i.e. all travels except for visits to "work" and "permanent residence".

This section provides information on the number of visitors on the basis of the State Customs Committee data.


Minimum gender indicators as recommended by the UN Statistical Commission

Economic structures, participation in productive activities and access to resources


Health and related services

Social life and participation in decision making

Human rights, women and girls