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Physical education and sports

The section provides data on persons who practise sports in physical education classes, sports sections and units by sex.

Data on persons who practise physical culture and sport in sports sections and units are given by kinds of sport.

 Sports - human activities organized according to certain rules, which consist in comparing physical and intellectual abilities, as well as preparation for this activity, and the relationship between people resulting in its process, on amateur and professional basis.

Kind of sport - activity in the field of physical culture and sports, characterized by a specific preparation of the person to sporting events, having rules, regulations (reglament), which sets the requirements, terms and conditions of the sports competitions and participation in them.

Physical education - a part of culture, which is a set of values, norms and knowledge created and used by society for physical and intellectual development of a person, improving his/her abilities and motor activity, promotion of healthy lifestyles, social adaptation by means of physical education, physical development and physical training.

Physical education - a process to educate the individual, develop human physical abilities, acquire skills and knowledge in the field of physical culture and sports in order to form fully developed and physically healthy person with a high level of culture.

Information on persons who practices sports is based on the data of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


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